New Dreamz!

We had the honour of premiering this video during a gala screening at Buffer Festival this weekend. And now here is it online for your viewing pleasure!

Share the video using this link and you can get a free MP3!



It’s here!

You found it! My first A-POP English/Japanese single. Video premieres on 08.27.13 on gunnarolla!

- Me: Yeah I made a video using a song by gunnarolla.
- Friend: Who?
- Me: Do you know who gunnarolla is? He's from youtube.
- Friend: OH! That guy with that banana fetish, right?

I made this as my Final Project for my Intro to Multimedia and Internet class in which we were to make a title sequence using Adobe After Effects. Before this I had never used AE before.

Song used is “The Button-Maker Naomi Theme Song” by Mr. Andrew Gunnarolla

WOOT! Notice, my super excited/happy face. I preordered this almost a month ago and it just got in the mail. One of the coolest youtubers you will ever know, gunnarolla. Check him out!