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My AoT/SnK x Frozen Parody AMV : “Do you want to fight the Titans?”

Ultra-mega credit to emilykochva for creating this beautiful thing haha

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I found the full graphic novel of Solanin at Barnes n’ Nobles a week ago and decided to buy it. I knew of this comic, but I honestly had no idea what it was about. I just knew that Inio Asano is the same creator of Oyasumi Punpun.

It’s about what happens after college and how these ‘kids’ transition into ‘adulthood’. In that aspect, this manga is probably the most relatable story I have ever read and I absolutely love it. I am terrified of the future, so much I never want to think about it. This book gave me a slight comfort and I would really recommend it to anyone.

Above is a picture of the book itself and a page with one of my favorite quotes: “It’s better to regret something you have done, than something you’ve have not done.” (Side note: I couldn’t find the official translation so I ended up editing a fan translated scan I found to match the page in the actual book haha)

【World's Most Terrible Jokes】
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Went to CPAC (Castle Point Anime Convention), a one-day mini anime con, with some friends the other weekend which was super rad. When getting the badges you had the choice of choosing Mami from Madoka Magica, Salior Moon, or Sakura from Cardcaptors and for me the choice was obvious.

I met Katie Tiedrich, known for Awkward Zombie comics which you may or may not have seen. She did a little presentation of the magic mind wizardry of comics which was really cool. I get her autograph on the back of my badge and she drew a little Wario mustache face. ALSO I met the man with the a beautiful voice, the Crispin Freeman. He talked a lot about his experiences in voice acting and had some funny stories. I wish I recorded his entire panel. I didn’t think of it until it ended :P

Overall it was fun! I bought an Attack on Titan shirt for my sis and a black power rangers shirt for myself haha. Good times. Would go again.

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Nothing’s Carved in Stone ~ Spirit Inspiration

Zetsuen no Tempest Opening 1 [Full version]

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Yojouhan-ki no Owari - Michiru Oshima

Anime: The Tatami Galaxy

Got myself a helmet… and I’m going to turn it into Celty’s Helmet from Durarara~

I don’t really know why I want to do it haha. I wanted to do this before the second season announcement, but that just motivated me more. I want to do a proper cosplay, but I didn’t want to do something that was too difficult or too expensive. I think this project fits nicely in between. With the help of these two tutorials, I think I can really do it. I probably won’t start until another 2 weeks or so though. I’ve got to school/work stuff…

I will call this project: Project Dullahan!

So far, I’ve bought this helmet on Amazon for $30, which is insanely cheap for what is actually a pretty good motorcycle helmet. Now I need to buy/find the supplies and we can soon start. I will be updating my progress here under the tag “Project Dullahan”.

And no, I don’t plan on wearing a body suit.

I hope we can keep Tumblr Pro… lol